Termination Of Parental Rights

At the law offices of Hugh O. Allen Attorney at Law, our lawyers have represented clients in proceedings involving the termination of parental rights in Sacramento, California, and surrounding areas for over 30 years.

We represent parents who are in danger of having their children taken away, as well as grandparents and other concerned family members who believe a child's biological parents are a strongly negative or damaging influence. To schedule an appointment at our firm, call us at 916-229-6847 or contact us online.

What Is In The Child's Best Interest?

Sometimes parents really are incapable of or unwilling to provide a stable, healthy upbringing for their children. Courts often rule against parents who engage in child abuse, child neglect or criminal activity like using or selling drugs.

In other cases, agents for Child Protective Services may simply have an overly strong negative reaction to a particular parenting style. In these cases, the child would be better off remaining with his or her parents than being forcibly taken from them and potentially placed in foster care.

Child Protective Services may also remove a child from parents' custody if the child is heavily involved in drugs or crime.

Grandparent And Stepparent Adoptions

Before adopting a child, it is first necessary to terminate the parental rights of the biological parent or parents.

We frequently represent grandparents who believe their children are unable to raise their grandchildren and who want to give their grandchildren a chance to have a more stable, happier upbringing. To do this, you must show that neither parent is able to provide a proper place for the child's development.

We also frequently handle stepparent adoptions involving custodial parents who want their new spouse to be recognized as a legal parent to their children. To do this, either the biological parent must willingly give up his or her parental rights or you have to prove that he or she is an unfit parent in a termination of parental rights hearing. There must be a showing of detriment for both parents if the nonparent is to prevail.

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