Grandparents' Rights

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In California, grandparents do not necessarily have legal rights to visitation. That means that if a child's parents don't want to allow their child to interact with his or her grandparents, the grandparents may have no legal basis to seek visitation rights. In more extreme circumstances, however, grandparents may have the right to take custody of a grandchild, due to both parents being a detriment to the child.

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When Grandparents Raise Grandchildren

In many cases, grandparents do more to raise their grandchildren than the child's biological parents, even without having established a formal legal relationship. If the parents become neglectful or abusive or begin to engage in criminal activities, your pre-existing role as a caregiver can help you gain legal custody of your grandchildren.

This holds true for aunts, uncles and any other family member who acts as a de facto parent of the child. A "de facto parent" is someone who takes on the responsibilities of a parent to such an extent that the law can consider that person as being like a parent.

Gaining Custody Of A Grandchild

If you believe that both parents are a detriment to the child's upbringing because of illegal, neglectful or abusive behavior, you can contact Child Protective Services to investigate. If officials determine that both parents are detrimental to the child's development and well-being, they can remove the child from the household.

At that point, they have to find a guardian with whom to place the child. Before placing a child in the foster care system, they look to see if any family members are able and willing to raise the child first. Concerned and caring grandparents are usually favored.

If you wish to eventually adopt the child, you first have to end the biological parents' legal relationship with that child during a termination of parental rights proceeding.

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