Fathers' Rights

Explaining Fathers' Rights

For biological, legal and social reasons, fathers face a different set of challenges from mothers. At the law offices of attorney Hugh O. Allen, we have handled fathers' rights issues related to paternity, child custody, visitation and child support for over 30 years in Sacramento, California, and surrounding communities.

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What Rights Do Fathers Have?

In theory, fathers' rights are no different from mothers' rights: They are both entitled to have access to their children and they are both expected to contribute materially to the children's upbringing. As a result, both parents have the right to:

  • See and raise their children through custody and visitation agreements
  • Make decisions about the child's education, religion and health care
  • File a protest if the other parent attempts to move far away with the children
  • File for modifications and enforcement of child custody and support court orders if the other parent doesn't follow them or if circumstances change significantly.

Step One To Enforce Fathers' Rights: Establish Paternity

A biological father whom the state doesn't recognize as the legal father will receive no parental rights from the state.

Whenever a child is born to a married mother, the state assumes that the husband is the father. If a child is born out of wedlock, then the father can establish paternity by signing a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity form. That gives the father custody and visitation rights along with an obligation to pay child support.

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