Family Litigation

When Family Conflicts Demand Litigation

Anyone who is undergoing serious family litigation needs a lawyer with the experience and ability to fight tooth and nail for his or her best interest.

At the law offices of Hugh O. Allen Attorney at Law, we aggressively pursue family litigation while doing everything possible to reduce costs and keep from doing further harm to your family relationships. We do this by meticulously preparing all aspects of each case while maintaining proper conduct and actions based on current orders.

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Family Litigation Is A Means Of Solving Problems

Of the many methods of representation offered at the law offices of Hugh O. Allen Attorney at Law, family litigation is only one. When conflicts can't be resolved through more cooperative methods like mediation, some issues may remain unresolved. If no negotiated agreement can be reached, issues like child custody, support and division of community property and retirement accounts may be decided in the courts through litigation, at hearings, at settlement conferences and at an actual trial.

Hugh O. Allen Attorney at Law has represented clients in family litigation for over 30 years. We have practiced through many historic and major changes to California's family law statutes, and we bring a deep understanding of the historical roots of today's legal landscape.

Handling Cases On Appeal

Although attorneys do their best to clarify how the law applies to each case, judges still occasionally make incorrect decisions. It then becomes necessary to file an appeal and take the case to a higher court.

Appellate cases hinge on subtle interpretations of nuanced areas of law. The law offices of Hugh O. Allen Attorney at Law has decades of experience handling family litigation in the Court of Appeals.

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