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Family Law Advice For Unmarried Parents, Grandparents And Adoptive Parents

It's possible to live alone for years at a time only to find that you need a family law attorney's advice, even if you've never been married. The California Family Code addresses many situations that have nothing to do with divorce, ranging from adoption to paternity. In recent years, we have also heard from many grandparents who need advice about their visitation rights after an adult child's divorce.

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As a board-certified family law specialist* since 1980, Hugh Allen is familiar with the full range of legal issues that single people, divorced people, empty nesters and grandparents can sometimes encounter. Contact Hugh O. Allen Attorney at Law in Rancho Cordova for sound advice about your situation.

Examples of the kinds of cases we handle include:

Our law firm's focus on family law over the past 30 years means that we stay current with changes to the California Family Code. We can explain how changes in legislative policy and judicial practice can have practical consequences for you and your family relationships.

Our lawyers can also explain how you can work toward achieving specific family objectives for yourself, your children and your grandchildren on affordable terms. There are usually many ways to attain a particular goal, and we see expanding your options as a basic part of our job.

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