Working With Mental Health Experts

What Is A Mental Health Professional's Role In Divorce?

Any family law conflict involving child custody disputes can bring extreme mental and emotional distress. Parents, former spouses and children frequently require therapy and care. In addition, the mental health of the parents and children often factor strongly into decisions about child custody.

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Evaluation Of Parenting Skills In The Rancho Cordova Area

Mental health professionals are regularly involved in assisting and recommending the parties' parenting arrangements. The mental health professional considers all aspects of the family's circumstances, including:

  • The parents' temperaments and schedules
  • The environment in which each parent lives
  • Any disabilities or special needs the children have

This is referred to as a "730 evaluation" and can be essential in determining custody arrangements. While the courts have a policy of supplying their own mental health professionals to conduct evaluations in cases that go to trial, we find that it's generally better to work with a private practitioner with more experience.

We are connected to a network of mental health experts who have the skills, ability and resources to conduct consistently accurate and sound mental health evaluations.

We also frequently refer our clients in need of counseling to experienced mental health professionals who can help them work through the tough emotional issues that often attend a divorce.

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