Working With Financial Experts

What Is A Financial Expert's Role In Divorce?

Not all divorces require the assistance of a financial expert. Generally, financial experts are necessary only if the couple has substantial assets or if one spouse owns a business.

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Divorce And Business Valuations In The Rancho Cordova Area

If either spouse owns a business or part of a business, the value of the business must be accurately evaluated. This can be a very complex process. We work with financial experts to help determine the value of the business and to divide up any business assets that may be considered marital property.

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Real Estate

If you own a significant amount of real estate, property division can become extremely complex. Our financial experts can also assist in valuing and selling any real estate that is part of your marital property.

Stocks, Bonds And Securities

It can be difficult to divide investments and even more difficult to determine precisely what investments either spouse owns. Working with financial experts, we can determine which spouse owns which investments, as well as the value of the investments.

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