The Divorce Process And Pendente Lite

What Can You Expect During The Divorce Process In Sacramento?

Filing for divorce is the beginning of a long and often difficult process during which you will have to learn to adjust to a new life and decide how best to proceed into the future. The law offices of Hugh O. Allen Attorney at Law has helped clients in Sacramento, California, and surrounding areas work through this process for over 30 years.

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Pendente lite: A commonly used Latin legal term that translates roughly to "while litigation is pending." For more information about legal terms, see our divorce legal glossary.

Your Divorce Process Will Depend On Your Divorce Method

At the law offices of Hugh O. Allen Attorney at Law, we offer our clients many methods of representation that are meant to match each client's personal needs and preferences in the divorce process. Depending on which method you choose, your divorce experience may vary radically. The options include:

Filing The Initial Papers

Divorce proceedings officially begin when either spouse files the initial orders with the court. These can include restraining orders and cover temporary arrangements regarding issues such as property, debt, custody, visitation, spousal support, child support, attorneys' fees and more. These orders will set your living arrangements throughout the divorce process — for example, you may need to rent an apartment temporarily or find a new place to live.

Adjusting To Your New Living Arrangements

Among other hardships, divorce tends to introduce an extraordinary amount of financial strain into the lives of both spouses. After one spouse moves out and temporary support orders are put in place, spouses must financially support two households instead of just one.

How will you pay your bills? How will you keep from losing your credit? At the law offices of Hugh O. Allen Attorney at Law, we are available to assist you in discussing various strategies in addressing these issues in the divorce process.

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