Spousal Support

Over the past 30 years of practicing California family law, we at Hugh O. Allen Attorney at Law have seen many couples through the separation and divorce process. We have knowledge of the legal technicalities of spousal support and will be able to advise you of them.

Temporary spousal support may be requested at the time of separation and is obtained by filing a motion. Such support is generally intended to preserve the family's standard of living.

Guidance Through Spousal Support In The Rancho Cordova Area

If you have been married at least 10 years, the court may order permanent support, which would continue until the death or remarriage of the supported party. Factors considered for permanent spousal support include:

• Ability and time for each party to gain employment

• Employability of each party

• Future earning capabilities of each party

• Length of the marriage

• The ability of one party to pay the other

• The tax consequences for each party

• The age of each party

• Length of time support will be needed

For tax purposes, spousal support is recognized as income and must be taken into account when filing federal income tax returns. Typically, the party who pays support may deduct the payments.

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