Selecting A Divorce Lawyer

Make Sure Your Divorce Lawyer Can Handle The Demands Of Your Case

Whether or not the dissolution of your marriage reflects your own decision, you'll need to make some additional important decisions right away: whether to hire a divorce lawyer and which one to choose. Not everyone going through a divorce will need an attorney, and a divorce attorney who can deliver outstanding service in one kind of case might be the wrong choice in a different situation.

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For sound advice about what to look for in selecting a divorce lawyer, contact the office of Hugh O. Allen Attorney at Law in Rancho Cordova. We can help you come to sound conclusions about everything you need to consider about the divorce process, choosing the right lawyer for the demands of your case and even finding ways to streamline or reduce the costs of engaging divorce counsel.

These considerations include:

Do I need a divorce lawyer? If you and your spouse can agree on all of the principal issues in a divorce case, you don't really need an attorney, except to make sure that your agreement is expressed in the proper form for family court and that you haven't overlooked anything that needs to be in your divorce settlement.

What kind of divorce lawyer should I hire? Different family law attorneys have different practice strengths and practice styles. You should work with a lawyer you're comfortable talking to, who will take the time to answer your questions and who can help you make good decisions for yourself and your children. If you anticipate that certain issues might be disputed, your lawyer should be an experienced courtroom advocate. Whether or not your divorce issues are likely headed to court, your attorney should look after your long-term interests as well as resolve the issues at hand.

Are there ways to keep down the costs of legal representation? Yes. Paralegals under an attorney's supervision can do much of the documentary work necessary to keep your case moving forward at a lower billing rate. You can also hire a lawyer to handle only certain parts of a divorce case such as community property issues or child custody.

Sacramento divorce lawyer Hugh O. Allen has been a certified specialist in family law since 1980 under standards established by the Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of California. The breadth of his experience across the full range of divorce issues can help just about anyone, from the person who only needs assurance that a proposed divorce settlement is consistent with state law to the client who anticipates a tough fight to achieve important child custody or property division goals.

To learn more about the process of selecting the right divorce lawyer for your needs in Greater Sacramento, contact Hugh O. Allen Attorney at Law in Rancho Cordova.

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