Military Pension Issues

Community Property Division Involving Military Retirement Benefits

Any divorce involving a retired military careerist can generate tough issues as to the division of military pensions and other benefits under California's community property laws.

To learn about the best ways to understand and resolve these issues, contact an experienced military divorce lawyer at the office of Hugh O. Allen Attorney at Law in Rancho Cordova.

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Hugh O. Allen himself retired from a career of more than 30 years of active, reserve and retired reserve service with the U.S. Navy, and he has a thorough understanding of the full range of pension and retirement benefits available to career personnel and their spouses. He knows how the benefits increase every five years after 10 years of service, and he knows how nonmilitary spouses' rights are recognized under the Former Spouses' Protection Act (FSPA).

Our law firm can give you a clear idea of the way military pension benefits can play into a broader community property divorce settlement. We also advise retired military personnel and their spouses about the continuing benefits that can remain available after divorce, such as commissary privileges and medical care. Whether it's your pension that is to be divided or you're the nonmilitary spouse with an interest in it, we can help you understand your rights and advance your objectives.

Find out more about our experience with military divorce pension issues under California community property law. Contact our office in Rancho Cordova for additional information.

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