Methods Of Representation

Mediation In Sacramento

In mediation, both parties meet with one of our attorneys to negotiate a settlement; the process is sometimes referred to as "assisted negotiation." We do not represent either party. We remain strictly neutral. When you choose mediation over litigation, you're opening the door to creative solutions while saving time, money and the emotional toll litigation can bring.

Should your spouse become difficult and uncooperative at any point, litigation is always available.


In a collaborative law setting, both parties have counsel. We represent you, agree with your spouse's attorney that the parties will cooperate by voluntarily exchanging information and negotiate a settlement without going to court. Because we would have to withdraw from representing you should litigation become necessary, we have an interest in keeping the negotiations moving in a beneficial direction. Unlike mediation, this allows the parties to have an expert "in their corner" while working constructively to reach a settlement.


Going to court can be stressful. We stand ready and willing to go to the nth degree for our clients. We will fight for your best interest, including your pocketbook, by providing efficient and skillful guidance in the conduct of your case. Hugh O. Allen has seen the inside of many a courtroom in his 30 years of practice and he will put that knowledge and experience to work for you.

If you have any questions about divorce, you may contact our Sacramento divorce lawyers through this website or call us at 916-229-6847 and we will discuss your legal matters.

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