Do I Need A Lawyer In Mediation?

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Mediation is an alternative form of dispute resolution that helps couples with family law conflicts resolve them cooperatively. While mediation tends to be less expensive and results in outcomes that both parties are likely to find agreeable, it is not for everyone.

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Is Mediation Right For Me? Guidance From A Rancho Cordova Area Lawyer.

Successfully resolving a divorce or other family law dispute through mediation typically requires a certain type of personality. First, you and your spouse need to be able to work through your problems cooperatively to find a mutually agreeable solution. Next, you both need to be mentally competent and able to adequately represent your own interests. Third, mediation is often not appropriate for couples in which one has been mentally or physically abusive toward the other.

Additionally, if your marital estate doesn't include significant assets and you and your spouse never had children together, mediation may not be necessary. Our paralegal following our protocol may be all you need. Typically, mediation is used to resolve issues related to child custody, child support, spousal support and property division.

Do We Need Lawyers, Or Can We Do It Ourselves?

Every mediation proceeding requires at least one attorney to serve as an impartial mediator. The mediator is not there to represent the interests of either party — only to provide clarification and assistance to the parties in resolving their issues.

By hiring an experienced attorney to represent you in mediation, you help ensure that you won't reach a settlement that you will later come to regret. Additionally, if one spouse has a more forceful personality while the other is more timid, or if one spouse is able to exert his or her will in a way that may make the playing field uneven, then both spouses should consider hiring separate attorneys. Perhaps they should consider a collaborative divorce.

It is rarely a good idea to enter into divorce mediation without representation when your spouse has hired a lawyer.

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