Collaborative Divorce

In collaborative law, both sides are represented by lawyers. Unlike a traditional divorce, the lawyers sign agreements to not engage in court litigation.

The focus, then, is upon reaching a negotiated resolution of issues such as property division, child custody and visitation, child support, and spousal support outside of court through a series of meetings. If the two sides are unable to reach a resolution, either party could initiate court litigation. However, both sides would then have to hire new lawyers. This provides a strong motivation for both sides to resolve issues without litigation.

As collaborative lawyers, we are dedicated to helping you resolve disputes outside of court. However, if our lawyers see something that is not in your best interests, we will tell you. We will also explain California divorce law to you so you can use the law to guide your decisions if you want to. Collaborative law provides both parties the flexibility of coming up with their own solutions to disputes, rather than having the court impose its solution.

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