Establish Or Modify Child Support Arrangements

In some cases, a divorcing couple only needs to create a child support arrangement to provide a happy life for their son or daughter after the divorce — if both parents agree that their rights and responsibilities have been divided fairly, no further legal action may be necessary.

Often, though, extenuating circumstances will require divorcing parents to settle on a child support arrangement to complement their custody agreement. Any family can use child support, but it is especially common when one parent bears significantly more of the child care responsibilities or when one parent earns more money than the other.

Keeping Your Child's Well-Being Front And Center

It's all too easy for child support discussions to get bogged down in the negative emotions that often accompany a divorce. One parent might feel like the other is taking advantage of a divorce for financial gain, while the other might resent an ex-spouse who withholds funds that could be used to buy food and clothing for their son or daughter.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that child support laws exist to help children lead happy and healthy lives. Working out the details of such an arrangement can be difficult for parents on bad terms, which is why it's useful to hire a lawyer. Hugh O. Allen Attorney at Law can help you navigate these discussions quickly and efficiently so you can get back to raising your children.

Get Legal Support For Your Child Support Case

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