Resolving Child Custody Issues Fairly And Humanely

While most parents know better, some divorcing mothers and fathers forget that their children stand to lose the most when their parents' marriage dissolves. When the best interests of a child are overlooked in favor of the anger or resentment of a divorcing parent, two things are very likely to result: The child will suffer more than necessary, and the parent's legal position on custody and parenting time issues will be seriously undermined.

At the office of Hugh O. Allen Attorney at Law, our attorneys help divorcing parents work out their differences with one another with respect to the custody issues that will be essential to each spouse's ability to be the best possible parent for the children caught in divorce. Contact us in Rancho Cordova to learn more about our approach to parent-child issues in divorce.

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California law requires family law judges to resolve custody and parenting time issues according to the best interests of the children involved, so a big part of a divorce lawyer's job is to help the parent understand how to formulate goals that place the child's interests foremost. In the vast majority of cases, the child's interests will require a secure, substantial and stable relationship with the other parent.

Our lawyers advise clients about the best ways to resolve custody and support issues in all kinds of divorces: amicable dissolution, high-conflict cases, high net worth divorce, short-term marriage, military divorce and everything in between. Our services cover such problems as:

  • Child custody and parenting time issues
  • Determination of child support obligations, including upward or downward departures from the guidelines amounts
  • Modification or enforcement of child custody, visitation or support arrangements
  • Parental proposals to relocate with a child to another part of California or another state
  • Parental fitness issues that will require professional evaluation or therapy
  • Parental alienation issues when one divorcing parent undermines the other's parent-child relationship

Since 1980, Hugh O. Allen has been a certified family law specialist under standards established by The State Bar of California's Board of Legal Specialization. The breadth of his experience on parenting issues of all kinds in divorce can represent a significant benefit for our law firm's clients.

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