Many people do not realize how important it is to have either a will or a living trust. If you do not take the time to plan how your acquired money and goods will be distributed while you are alive, then your estate will be distributed as required by the California Probate Code. Ignoring the issue of estate planning means you will have no say in how your estate will be distributed or who the administrator will be.

If you have more than $100,000 in assets or a house, you and your family would be better off with a trust to avoid the expense and delay of probate. If you have less than $100,000 and do not own a house, a will may be all you need. Even if you have no assets or property, drafting a will is important if you have children since it allows you to appoint a guardian.

For answers to your will questions, consult with our law office. The Sacramento will lawyers associated with Hugh O. Allen Attorney at Law can assist you in making these important life decisions.

Drafting A Will In California

When you sit down to write your will, you usually have one goal in mind: to make things easier on your heirs while leaving them a legacy. Some people are reluctant to consider the inevitable. Let our kindly staff and associated attorneys make difficult choices easier with their experience.

We will help you consider such questions as:

  • How do you want to distribute your property?
  • Who will manage your goods and assets?
  • For whom should you provide?
  • Do you need a trust?

Please take the responsible step and provide for those dearest to you and for charities that you believe in and support by drawing up a will or trust.


Probate is the legal process by which a person's debts are paid and assets are distributed upon her or his death. California state law directs the probate court how to distribute the deceased person's estate. The court supervises this process to ensure that any instructions from a will are carried out. It can be an expensive and time-consuming experience.

Advance Health Care Directives

We can draft advance health care directives (also known as living wills) to deal with end-of-life care. Through an advance health care directive, you can tell doctors, nurses and other caregivers how you want to be cared for if you are incapacitated and in a vegetative state. Your directive also names a trusted person to serve as your advocate and decision-maker in health care matters if you are unable to speak for yourself and includes a HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) consent form so your health care advocate can access your medical information.

Durable Powers Of Attorney

The durable power of attorney is a powerful document that lets you name a trusted person to manage property for you if you are incapacitated and in a vegetative state. The person to whom you give power of attorney can step into your shoes and take whatever actions you define. You can limit the power of attorney to paying bills for you or broaden it into managing and even selling your property. It's important to pick someone you trust to perform this role.

Consult With A California Wills Attorney Regarding Your Estate Planning Needs

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