Unbundling Services

Because hiring an attorney can be so expensive we office unbundling services.

Unbundling legal services is where you can hire our attorney to Represent you in a certain area of your case.

Examples of this would be a single motion or court appearance, a single issue such as custody, visitation, Support, or Retirement such as preparations of a QDRO etc.

If you would like to schedule an appointment call 916-852-0222.

Paralegal Services

Here at the Law offices of Hugh O. Allen we offer Paralegal Services.

If you need a document or a series of documents prepared. we can do it for you.

Simple Divorce.. If both parties are in agreement our paralegal can prepare the paperwork.

If you want to represent yourself in your divorce but need someone to prepare the appropriate paperwork then our Paralegal can do it for you.

If you desire to use our paralegal services then please call the Law Offices of Hugh O. Allen. You will be scheduled to meet with our attorney to determine if our paralegal is the right fit for what you want done.